(mini) Branding in a day

The (mini) branding in a day is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get started right away and who want to make decisions quickly. No long waiting lists, but up and running quickly.


Having the branding of your dreams just after one day of work, including all the tools so you can get started right away. It’s possible from now on!




(€300,- discount on the complete

branding package)


An efficient but intensive program

The mini/complete branding program normally takes about 4-6 weeks and includes steps such as research, logo explorations, concept presentations, feedback rounds etc.


The “branding in a day” is a short, intensive process in which you get our full attention for a whole day. One day in which we work together on the branding of your dreams. At the end of that day you will receive exactly the same as at the end of the  traditional program.

With good preparations (brainstorm session + mood board 1 week in advance) and plan a full day, we will not lose time that is normally lost on, for example, waiting for each other's reply.

I hear you thinking, Rome wasn't built in a day...

Yes you're absolutely right! But over the past few years we have had the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs. And those collaborations? We look back on them with pride, but they of course did not all go smoothly. There were entrepreneurs who found it difficult to make decisions and based their choices on the often many personal opinions of others in their environment, while it is not about an opinion, but about what suits you and your company.

During the normal branding process, a lot of time is secretly lost in the time to give feedback. Sometimes you don’t immediately have time to take a look at the new designs and we also cannot always immediately implement adjustments you want to be made. By dedicating 1 day completely to your branding, we tackle this and we can collaborate intensively on your branding.

High value, lower price. A complete branding, but in 1 day and for a reduced price!

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mini branding in a day

We help you translate your story and passion into a suitable and professional logo. This package contains the basis for your branding and helps you further on your way to establishing your company/brand. This package is suitable for entrepreneurs who have the creativity and time to further develop the complete branding themselves, but who want help with the basics, the logo.



Time frame

¾ day (+ brainstorm session one week in advance)

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branding in a day


You are ready to grow and invest in your business. This package contains everything to radiate recognisability, individuality and professionalism. Together with you, we translate your story and passion into a complete branding. At the end of this program you will have a completely new branding that completely suits you, stands out and attracts your ideal customer. Including all the tools to get started with it yourself.



Time frame

1 day (+ brainstorm session one week in advance)

These entrepreneurs were ahead of you



"The moment I decided I really needed new branding, I came across Chris Design Studio via Instagram. Her simplistic and subtle designs appealed to me so much that I quickly saved a number of inspirational images. Not a few weeks (or longer) working on my perfect new branding, but making decisions.Even after our fine intake, I was confident that this would work.


The nice thing about the Branding in a Day is that both Chris and I planned a whole day to work on this and therefore had direct contact when the next step in the process could be made. The process that is also so well structured that you really see your branding emerge with every video call, until it has been completed down to the last detail. Watching how she works and seeing the immediate effect of your reviews is great fun, a real expert at work who makes your branding truly unique. Chris has a lot of expertise, but also certainly patience and listens carefully to all wishes, in addition, she also helped me to get on with it properly.


I advise everyone to inquire at Chris Design Studio. I am very happy with the result of my branding and that in 1 day.

With so many files and the inspirational images I can get started right away.


Thanks for this nice day Chris, it feels like a present!


No long waiting lists, making decisions together and getting started with your branding right away!


We don't work "for" you, but we work together on your new branding!


Efficient time schedules. We will not lose time during the feedback rounds.


€ 300,- discount on the complete branding package. (with the branding in a day)

The benefits of this program

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Is the branding in a day something for you?

Are you curious if the branding in a day is a match for you? Or are you interested in working together or do you have any questions about our services? Feel free to contact us and we will schedule a meeting with you to answer all your questions!